my family moved often — i attended 12 different schools from k-12, moving between the u.s., germany, egypt, and the netherlands. after studying engineering and communications in the upper peninsula of michigan, i moved to utah where i studied painting, weaving, and intermedia sculpture. i made st. croix, usvi my home in 2010, and relocated to san francisco in 2014.

my creative side distills a love for cartoons and geography, religion and physics, biology and pixels, macro and micro. i play with the scale of the universe, from telescopic to human to molecular, layering fragmented patterns to discover and uncover some kind of balance, a reassuring whole. i want each piece to feel as safe, warm, and welcoming as a living room or favorite sweater.

an interactive and UX designer by trade, i have also built modern wood furniture and was co-owner of the kayo gallery in downtown salt lake city.

need web or app design? visit me at cloud city development.

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